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Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
Rickenbacher Str. 119
88131 Lindau, Germany

Design, engineering and production by a single supplier

DORNIER is the reliable partner for all requirements relating to any aspect of the production of application-specific weaving machines for manufacturing high-quality fabrics. Whether a system family consisting of rapier and air-jet weaving machines or a customized turnkey complete line:

DORNIER plans, designs and builds everything in-house.


The world-renowned aircraft manufacturer Dornier began building textile machines after the Second World War. The reason for this change of direction: The Allied Forces had prohibited the company from building airplanes in Germany. In 1950, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH was founded in what remains the company’s headquarters at Lindau-Rickenbach by Peter Dornier, son of the famous aviation pioneer Claude Dornier. The first fruits of the search for a new field of activity there were shuttle weaving machines. But soon afterwards, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH also began making specialty machines, including dryers for the cardboard, paper and construction panel industry. In the mid-1960s, film stretching lines for the packaging and plastic film industry and textile finishing machines for tubular knit goods were added to the product portfolio.

The rapier weaving machine, developed in 1967, and the air-jet weaving machine introduced in 1989 represented the most significant milestones in the company’s rise to become Germany’s only weaving machine manufacturer of international standing. The end products made on our weaving machines comprise extremely high-performance fabrics for airbags, carbon fabrics for composite structures and aramid fabrics for fire-resistant or bullet-proof applications. But equally for the finest silk fabrics, intricate Jacquard items and ultrafine worsteds, the DORNIER system family offers the ideal tool. In 2014 we founded the new DORNIER Composite Systems® product line to continuously deliver new answers for the challenging demands of the dynamic composite industry in the form of innovative production lines for semi-finished composite products of all kinds.

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Made in Germany

Weaving machines by DORNIER are “Made in Germany”. A high production depth demonstrates the strength of the company’s in-house value creation. It enables us to offer our customers the highest possible quality, durability and flexibility for efficient, process-reliable and scalable manufacturing of fabrics.


The DORNIER rapier weaving machine P2 – the most versatile weaving machine in the world, now even better

It is the result of almost seven decades of expertise in developing and building weaving machines: the P2 is the successor to the P1 rapier weaving machine. Clothing, domestic or technical textiles made from glass, carbon or aramid – the P2 is the ideal weaving machine for manufacturing fabrics of the highest quality reliably and efficiently. Ease of operation, unsurpassed process reliability and maximum productivity are the hallmarks of the most versatile rapier weaving machine in the world.

Whether it is used with shedding devices such as cam motion, dobby (up to 24 shafts) or Jacquard machines (up to 30,000 lifting hooks) or with the DORNIER EasyLeno® leno system, with up to 16 filling thread colors the P2 is the ideal tool for creative, flexible, precise production of fabrics of all kinds in nominal machine widths from 150 to 540 cm. The machine features many patented functions and components, including the innovative color selector and feed system DORNIER DisCoS (DCS) and the new DORNIER Weft Saver (DWS), a weft saving device, to deliver unsurpassed flexibility. The spectrum of possible applications for the P2 ranges from high-quality silks to furniture coverings to women’s apparel and also to filter, coating, carbon, aramid and glass fiber meshes from maximum titer yarns for technical applications. The improved rigidity of the frame, increased productivity, maintenance-free drive and a still more efficient positive center transfer deliver maximum flexibility and production reliability. Above all, the shed geometry optimized for technical textiles and the many other patented machine functions and components such as the DORNIER MotoLeno® or DORNIER AirGuide® guarantee process reliability for the modern weaver.

The all-rounder at a glance

  • Modular machine concept
  • 75 % more rigid center module in frame construction with optimum force flow configuration
  • Optimized positive filling transfer with open shed weft insertion and improved shed geometry
  • Intelligent Fast-Ethernet control combined with DORNIER ErgoWeave®
  • DORNIER SyncroDrive® drive concept
  • New developments DORNIER Weft Saver, DORNIER

P1 & A1 weaving machines with open reed weave (orw) technology and embroidery unit

The Open Reed Weave (ORW) technology developed by DORNIER considerably extends pattern versatility for home textiles and clothing and eliminates downstream processing.

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DORNIER A1 air-jet weaving machine with embroidery unit

DORNIER P1 rapier weaving machine with embroidery unit

Stitch weaving — efficiency thanks to DORNIER ORW technology

The production of figures highlighted in color in fabrics for clothing and home textiles requires a certain technical effort such as increasing the number of shafts or using Jacquard equipment for weaving Scherli effects or subsequent further processing through embroidery.

Using DORNIER’s ORW technology, it became possible to successfully integrate embroidery in the weaving process so that embroidery and weaving can run at the same time on DORNIER weaving machines.

The system is based on the DORNIER weaving machines and is modular which means the weaving machine retains its full performance capability and complete application spectrum during normal weaving operation.