My Hao International Company was established in 2011 in Vietnam, representing and collaborating with machine manufacturers for the spinning and weaving industries.

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH

Air jet and rapier weaving machines for woven fabrics, terry fabrics, especially technical fabrics, canvas, geotextiles.

Groz-Beckert KG

Knotting machines, Drawing-in machines, cleaning system for reed, heddles, drop wires and heddles, reeds, drop wires , heddle frames.

Luwa Air Engineering AG

Air conditioning system, dust filter for weaving factory and spinning mill.

Spindelfabric Suessen GmbH

Retrofit the spinning frames with Suessen’s Elite and CompacTeasy systems for production of compact yarns.

Vaupel textilmaschinen GmbH&Co,KG

Airjet and rapier looms for the production of labels with patented soft edge cutter.

Our Values


Our machines and equipment are  from famous manufacturers, with top quality in the world. We have customers all over Viet Nam and all of our customers are successful and growing continuously.


We have been supplying equipment for the spinning and weaving industry for over 10 years, through hundreds of projects and all of them are successful.


We connect customer and machine manufacturer to ensure the equipment has the required features and specifications.The customer
buys the machine directly from the manufacturer, we provide services for the smooth and accurate execution of the transaction.