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Uster Technologies AG (HQ)
Sonnenbergstrasse 10
8610 Uster
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Uster is the world’s leading supplier of total quality solutions from fiber to fabric. Uster standards and precise measurement provide unparalleled advantages for producing best quality at minimum cost.

Featured Uster Products

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Uster Quality Expert

The Quality Management Platform for advanced process optimization in yarn manufacturing, assuring quality from fiber to yarn.

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Uster Quantum 4.0

Uster Quantum 4.0 ensures yarn quality in winding with the smart combination of capacitive and optical signals. Connection to further Uster systems prevents issues at source.

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Uster Tester 6

Uster Tester 6 sets the global benchmark for yarn testing. It is the heart of yarn laboratories around the world and secures quality in every part of the spinning process.

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Uster RSO 3D

Uster RSO 3D increases profitability with direct process optimization and traceability from ring spinning to winding.

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Uster Q-Bar 2

Monitoring the formation process with Uster Q-Bar helps prevent defects before they occur; providing full process control, increasing first quality and reducing waste.

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Uster Jossi Vision Shield N

Uster Jossi Vision Shield N contamination sorters detect and eliminate contamination at the fiber preparation stage, before it is shredded into smaller particles.